Beng Born Essra
Tax Manager

Mr. Beng Born Essra is a co-founder and Manager of Tax of ANNA & ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICE.

Mr. Essra specializes in Aviation law and its related fields such as logistics, flights operations and tax after having almost a decade working for different international airlines. Mr. Essra has very unique expertise in aviation when it comes to complex operations of airlines, international flights arrangements, immigration related issues whether within Cambodia or outside of Cambodia.

He has assisted different international airlines to start up with registration, licensing, and daily operations of airlines. With well good representation of his professionalism, Mr. Essra is a key manager who is capable to present any clients to seek for any business licensing and comes up with tax implication advices to all investors to be on the top of its coming operations and declarations.

Currently, Mr. Essra is persuing another well recognize certificate specialize in Taxation from the General Department of Taxation of the Kingdom of Cambodia. In addition to his professionalism, he speaks native Khmer, fluent English and basic Korean.

Previous Associations
•Project Manager of Small Planet Airlines.
•Supervisor of Airport Service of Emirates Airlines.
•Supervisor of Airport Service of Asiana Airlines.

Awards & Accolades
•Third world country’s full scholarship recipient to pursue his both degrees at Handong Global University, South Korean