Our Story

Anna & Associates (“ANNA”) is an independent, full-service law firm registered with the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

ANNA is founded with the solid mission that each service that we provide must come from our high commitment to producing high quality works to our client with professionalism, so that this is the only way that we can earn trust from our client, and to meet our client’s objective. We prioritize each work that we do is to meet the high expectation of our clients who are not only international clients but also local clients

With ANNA, clients will get advantage not only the legal knowledge in-depth of rules and regulations but not also very practical advice to fit into each business of our clients. Under ANNA, there two big practice group as following:

  1. COMMERCIAL PRACTICE GROUP covers all matters related to corporate, banking and finance, fintech, labor & employment, real estates & construction, commercial contract & business licensing, and corporate governance and compliance; and
  2. COMMERCIAL LITIGATION PRACTICE GROUP covers any disputes related to commercial contracts, real estates investment structures, loan recovery and labor disputes between employer and employee, that need to be resolved with alternative disputes resolutions via negotiation, mediation and arbitration before stepping into any competent courts of the Kingdom.

With ANNA, we are pride and proud to claim that each practice group is composed with highly skilled, trained and experienced professional, whom always come up with their expertise and professionalism.

With ANNA’s mission and commitment, we are not only assisting clients to start up their business(es) with well structures to be complied with rules and regulations, but also to provide every support in each business operations, expansion, new alerts of any regulations that can impact our clients and to defense clients in each stage of dispute level either outside of court room or inside of court room. We are proud to provide from end to end process of our client’s business life.

With ANNA, we aim very high to protect our clients and to support our client’s in every circumstance, every business operation without any hesitation. We always go with our client.